Photos from the 2017 Stage Raw Theater Awards

Photos from the 2017 Stage Raw Theater Awards

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Hard Times (Come Again No More)

Co-host French Stewart offers a warning of what happens to recipients whose speeches go on too long.

Jay McAdams, picking up 24th Street Theatre’s Video/Projection Design Award for Hansel and Gretel Bluegrass

Nina Caussa, Set Designer for Wilderness — The Day Shall Delcare It

A. Jeffrey Schoenberg, Costume Design — Antaeus Company’s Cloud 9

Director Annie Saunders with the Wilderness company, for Production Design — The Day Shall Declare It

Claire Rifelj, croons An American Tune

Noah Agruss, Original Music for Bars And Measures (Theatre @ Boston Court)

Just a Gigolo — L-R: Hiroo Nakano on  drums; French Stewart, vocals; Colin Krupka on Saxaphone; and horn player Paul Litteral in the background

Lovell Estell III introduces Queen of the Angels recipient, Jerry Charlson

Jerry Charlson, Queen of the Angels, receives his award from the hall

Stacie Chaiken, Solo Performance, The Dig, Los Angeles Theatre Center

Corey Dorris and Josh Zuckerman, Two-Person Performance in Dutch Masters (Rogue Machine)

Andrew Borgiono, Musical Performance — The Boy from Oz (Celebration Theatre)

Tony Amendola, leading male, Hedda Gabler (Antaeus Company)

Hannah Prichard, Supporting Female in A Singular They (Blank Theatre Company)

After failing to nab the award for Best Direction in a Play by Samuel Beckett at the Kirk Doulgas Theatre Directed by Alan Mandell, the 89-year-old Mr. Mandell took home the Most Promising Actor Award

Rebecca Gray, Female Comedy Performance, One of the Nice Ones, Echo Theater Company

Jacqueline Wright, Female Comedy Performance, Blueberry Toast, Echo Theater Company

Kate Morgan Chadwick, Leading Female Performance, Bed, Echo Theater Company

Matthew Elkins, Leading Male Performance, Pocatello (Rogue Machine)

Vanessa Stewart — I’m Still Here

Jennifer Logan introduces Lifetime Achievement Recipients

Tom Ormeny and Maria Gobetti, Lifetime Achievement

Michael Shepperd and Andrew Carlberg, Musical of the Year, The Boy from Oz (Celebration Theatre)

Revival Production of the Year

Production of the Year, Ameryka (Nancy Keystone at podium) Critical Mass Performance Group

I Will Survive!

Stage Raw Theatre Awards at Los Angeles Theatre Center on May 15, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.