Event Listings

9/11/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
L.A.'s Australian Theatre Company presents Dan Lee’s funny, engaging comedy about two retired couples who have dedicated their lives to RVing around Australia. It’s a comic road show that captures the unique sense of camaraderie and almost supernatural devotion to a lifestyle of perpetual circumnavigation led by the free range, baby boomers of Australia who call themselves “grey nomads.”
9/13/2017-11/5/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
Three years after Hurricane Katrina, the unhealed wounds of New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward continue to fester. In this powerful, funny and deeply moving mother-daughter story, 14-year-old runaway Kali embarks on a journey to pick through the wreckage of what used to be her life, rhyming, stealing and scamming her way through the still-destroyed neighborhood.
9/14/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
Dually inspired by Calderón’s Spanish Golden Age Drama The Physician Of His Own Honor and the 1990 documentary Paris is Burning, which detailed New York’s then-underground drag queen “ball culture,” this fierce and funny new play by Boni B. Alvarez is set in the heart of L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown.
9/23/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
Lynchburg, Virginia. The former site of a thriving cotton mill is now an impoverished neighborhood. Deeply affected by all of the recent killings, Ruffrino, a 14 year old “militant,” incites riots at school and online. More and more at odds with his mother and grandfather, the boys’ anger grows beyond containment while the family home literally sinks into the cotton field & no one seems to notice.
9/21/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
A mystical wine forces its imbibers to tell the truth. WHAT: Vino Veritas. West Coast Premiere engagement of a new comedy. WHO: Written by David MacGregor. Directed by Michael Karm.
9/11/2017-12/16/2017 - next performance date: 9/25/2017
Amazing musical theatre classes for students ages 6-adult!
9/26/2017-10/31/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
The Whitefire Theatre presents the latest in its acclaimed series of 10-minute comedy plays with "Fall Shorts," a diverse anthology of 10 rollicking new original pieces from 9 different playwrights performed by a cast of 28 actors!
9/10/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
World Premiere—See It First at the Douglas It’s Hollywood’s biggest night and Mike is stressing. He is nominated for an Oscar®. His transgender nephew wants his acceptance speech to be a political statement. His mother has a bombshell announcement. His boyfriend isn’t returning his calls. And Mike’s night is about to take an unexpected turn that will rock his world while the world is watching.
9/15/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
A beloved fairytale and Academy Award®-winning movie, The Red Shoes has seduced audiences and inspired generations of dancers with its tale of obsession, possession, and one girl’s dream to be the greatest dancer in the world. Victoria Page lives to dance, but her ambitions become a battleground between the two men who inspire her passion.
8/11/2017-12/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
HAMILTON is the story of America's Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington's right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and was the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway, HAMILTON is the story of America then, as told by America now.
9/26/2017-11/5/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
West Coast Premiere written by Ike Holter and directed by Deena Selenow.
9/13/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 9/26/2017
An astonishing, deeply moving new drama about family, acceptance, and the power of faith from MacArthur “Genius Award”-winning playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney (The Brother/Sister Plays), featuring Tony Award® winner Phylicia Rashad. At the mouth of the Mississippi River, Shelah’s family and friends have come to celebrate her birthday and save her from a leaking roof.
9/16/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/27/2017
THIS JOINT IS JUMPIN’! The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920’s and 1930’s comes to life in a brand-new look at this smash three-time Tony-winning musical revue. Join five sensational performers on a journey through the timeless music of Thomas “Fats” Waller.
9/27/2017-10/14/2017 - next performance date: 9/27/2017
Set in Greenwich Village in 1964 and based on a true story, Freddy fuses theater, music, dance and video to capture the explosive spirit of a passionate artist and a turbulent era. A naïve young woman falls under the spell of Fred Herko, a brilliant ballet dancer of extraordinary charisma and talent and a fiery denizen of Andy Warhol’s Factory.
9/9/2017-10/21/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
Tom Jacobson’s shattering comedy illustrates the mutability of theater in Open Fist’s world premiere production.
8/26/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
A revival of Joseph Kesserling’s infectiously funny black comedy about two little-old-lady aunts who see killing as an act of charity. Good, macabre fun!
9/28/2017-11/5/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
Boston Court presents the West Coast premiere of With Love and a Major Organ, written by Julia Lederer and directed by Jessica Kubzansky.
1/12/2017-1/11/2018 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
State of the Arts is a weekly series devoted to coverage of the performing arts in Los Angeles, and beyond... with emphasis on theatre, music, dance events, and stage spectaculars. Michael Sterling and Andrew David James offer astute reviews, insightful discussions, a live arts calendar, and live interviews with celebrity guests, stars of the arts, and the creative teams behind them.
9/14/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
Award-winning magician Siegfried Tieber will play host, historian, and illusionist as he guides intimate audiences on an unconventional journey.
9/28/2017-10/19/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
by Eric Overmyer directed by Richard Perloff A fearless feminine Victorian trio set out for Terra Incognita and find adventure, opens September 28
9/20/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
Inspired by world-renowned Opera diva Maria Callas’ magnificent JuiIliard master class series, Terrence McNally’s Tony Award-winning play spotlights the tour-de-force artist and vulnerable woman known as La Divina.
9/28/2017-9/28/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
With more than 100 of the best acrobatic and martial artists in the world, The Martial Artists and Acrobats of Tianjin, People’s Republic of China take the stage with thrilling circus acts, illusions, aerial stunts, juggling acts, contortion tricks, and feats of balance in one dazzling performance.
9/7/2017-9/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/28/2017
A New Translation by Nicholas Rudall Directed by Charles Newell Co-produced by The Getty Museum & Court Theatre
9/29/2017-10/28/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET centers around the life of young Latina Esperanza Cordero, as she undergoes her personal journey into adulthood. As she matures, Esperanza encounters the harsh realities of puberty as well the hardships witnessed in her family and her Mango Street neighborhood. Despite all she witnesses and endures, Esperanza seeks hope and persists toward a better future.
9/15/2017-10/7/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
The Glendale Centre Theatre presents the hit musical Footloose! Bring your whole family and cut loose with us this weekend!
9/22/2017-10/21/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
By Marc Camoletti, translated by Beverly Cross & Francis Evans Directed by Cylan Brown Zany farce involving a man with three fiancees and scheduling issues.
9/8/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
9/9/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
DBA STUDIO Presents David Harrower’s Dark Drama BLACKBIRD You're Only As Dark As Your Secrets Directed by Don Bloomfield Starring Cali Fleming and Michael Connors
9/29/2017-9/29/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Free Yo' Mind is part of Los Angeles City College's "Freedom Festival". The play was created with actors from the Los Angeles Mission and shows people who are striving to overcome their trials and tribulations by using the advice and wisdom of Martin Luther King's "What Is In Your Life's Blueprint" speech to help them find their way to a brighter and more just future.
9/15/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
This funny, sad, lyrical and highly original coming of age story from emerging playwright Kevin Armento features an unconventional narrator — the cell phone belonging to a troubled teen. As Red’s phone gets sucked into a breakneck journey from pockets to purses, it offers a fresh and unique perspective on human interaction and relationships.
9/15/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
In Cigarettes and Chocolate, this brilliant writer (The English Patient Truly, Madly, Deeply), takes a humorous and human look at London life in the 1980's that tests the social responsibilities of urbanites. Coupled with Hang Up, this is a stunning evening of two rarely performed works originally written to be performed on radio.
9/29/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
By Ken Ludwig Set in 1953, the madcap comedy 'Moon Over Buffalo' shows a small-time theatre company affected by the new popular medium, television. Frank Capra is coming to a performance, but everything that could go wrong does go hilariously wrong.
9/29/2017-11/12/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
RESOLVING HEDDA Written by Jon Klein Directed by Maria Gobetti Produced by Maria Gobetti, Tom Ormeny, Katie Witkowski
8/11/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
MOVE OVER, THELMA AND LOUISE! When Lana Mae Hopkins, owner and proprietress of the Wishy Washy Washateria, hires Katie Lane Murphy to help out in the Laundromat, they soon find themselves up to their elbows in soap, suds, and cheatin’ hearts.
9/3/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
A Noise Within Theatre Company Presents Mike Poulton's adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities live on stage!
9/23/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Deliciously dark, relentlessly brutal, fiercely funny. Lizzy Kimball, Darrell Larson and Jeff LeBeau form three points of a treacherous triangle in Conor McPherson’s new version of The Dance of Death by August Strindberg, running Sept. 23 through Nov. 19 at the Odyssey Theatre.
9/21/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Actors Co-op Theatre Company presents The 39 Steps, adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan and film by Alfred Hitchcock, directed by Kevin Chesley, produced by Jorie Janeway.
9/29/2017-9/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
San Gabriel Valley Repertory Theatre presents the dinner-theatre melodrama “Peril of the Polls” in Covina, Arcadia and Glendora starting Saturday, Sept. 15.
9/22/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Sister is back, offering lessons on the Sacraments of Marriage and Last Rites. Aubrey Manning is back as the irrepressible Sister! After teaching countless students about the saints, venial sins, limbo and more, Sister is now offering up hilarious lessons on the Sacraments of Marriage and the Last Rites, including her own wacky version of the Newlywed Game.
9/29/2017-11/4/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Klaus Kinski (1926-1991) is one of the most celebrated and controversial actors in the history of world cinema. The reckless abandon with which he approached both life and art left him tortured, demonized and worshiped. He now resurrects to shake your souls with one last command performance. THE SECOND COMING OF KLAUS KINSKI.
9/8/2017-10/14/2017 - next performance date: 9/29/2017
Kentwood Players proudly presents FARRAGUT NORTH FARRAGUT NORTH is a 2008 political thriller written by Beau Willimon (House of Cards), loosely based on former Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 Democratic primary election campaign for U.S. President.
9/30/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
9/9/2017-9/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group is proud to present renown-illusionist Abbott Alexander's
9/23/2017-10/28/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Bono orders a pizza delivery to get back in touch with The Common Man in this trippy, award-winning satire on celebrity culture wrapped in a parody of "Waiting for Godot" - Theatrical Play. Comedy. 60 mins. Hollywood Fringe Festival Best Comedy Nominee. TheTVolution.com Best Fringe Comedy Award Winner. Encore Producers' Award Winner. Written and directed by Richard Lucas.
9/9/2017-11/12/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Her post-mortem instructions were hidden in a very specific place — but in the time leading up to her mom’s death, Jennie Fahn uncovered more about her than could be contained in any envelope. A comedy about life, loss, and being of sound mind and body. Running time is 80 minutes.
8/5/2017-11/11/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
The Glendale Centre Theatre presents their new Children's Theatre production of Puss in Boots. A tap dancing, big band twist on the classic fairy tale you know and love. Join us for GCT’s jazzy rendition of Puss in Boots!
9/9/2017-10/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Haunting and humorous, Daytona is a play with two love stories at its heart. Joe and Elli were childhood friends who survived the Holocaust. They found each other, after the war, and have been married almost 50 years and living in New York. The couple created a world for themselves to forget the past…until the day an unexpected visitor arrives.
9/2/2017-12/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Celebrating a 6-year run! Fun (and appropriate) for all ages 2yrs-200, this show, directed by Frank Caeti, features improv games that rely on audience suggestions and participation. Great for the whole family! We are the Bugs Bunny of improv come be a part of the show! Tickets $5*
9/30/2017-9/30/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
oin Farhang Foundation for our 9th Annual Short Film Festival Awards Ceremony and Afterparty celebrating this year's best short Iranian films.
9/9/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
24th Street Theatre brings back its smash hit production (Los Angeles Times “Critic’s Choice,” LA Weekly Award “Production of the Year” written and directed by Argentine playwright Arístides Vargas, as part of its 20th Anniversary Season, starring Jesus Castanos Chima and Tony Duran as political prisoners who entertain each other with stories of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.
9/30/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
Experience the excitement of magic and spellbinding illusions with master magicians. See the latest mind-blowing acts and unbelievable feats in an intimate setting that brings magic up close. Feel as though you are part of the action. Action-packed 90 minute experience is filled with unforgettable moments: Sat. Sept 30 at 3pm & Sun Oct 1 at 2pm Look forward to a varie
6/3/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 9/30/2017
With its one-of-a-kind outdoor setting in the heart of Topanga Canyon and its roots in the 1950s McCarthy-era, when actor Will Geer created the theater as a haven for blacklisted actors, Theatricum Botanicum is best known for its productions that frame contemporary social issues through the lens of classic literature.
10/1/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
Childsplay presents Go, Dog, Go! By Allison Gregory and Steven Dietz Adapted from the book by P. D. Eastman Music composed by Michael Koerner
10/1/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
“ABSOLUTELY GREAT!” (showmag.com). “An absolute family treat!” (The Tolucan Times). It’s the classic Family Theatre Halloween musical for Kids 2 to 102 – the heartwarming Rudie-DeCarlo tale of the aptly-named Candy, a sweet young girl who learns some surprising lessons about life, love, laughter, and sugar, from a delightful array of characters who take her on a magical All Hallow’s Eve adventure.
9/17/2017-11/11/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
A Noise Within presents Jean Giraudoux's The Madwoman of Chaillot live on stage! A can't miss rallying-cry for those who crave a satisfying David vs. Goliath fable in the form of incisive, side-splittingly funny theatre.
10/1/2017-10/1/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
The Group Rep presents MUSIC ACROSS THE BOARDS: An evening of music… and more: classic and funny songs from musical theater, rock songs, torch songs, and maybe a little jazz, a little bit of dance and a dash of stand-up comedy. Directed by Kyra Schwartz with musical direction by Paul Cady, produced by Schwartz and Cady for the Group Rep.
10/1/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
A hilarious, daring and just-a-touch racy comedy that takes you on the roller-coaster-ride of a thirty-eight year (and counting) marriage - the successes, the disappointments, the sex, the traumas, the traumas about sex and the budget and the children and generally about the adventure of casting your lot with another human being…for life.
10/1/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/1/2017
A performing artist confronts the ups and downs and struggles of his life and career and is led to the conclusion that his voice and his music are the keys to his success.
10/3/2017-10/10/2017 - next performance date: 10/3/2017
This multi-platform performance adapts Frank Wedekind play Lulu into a series of episodes that explore sexuality, intimacy and domestic locations. Different each time, Lulu offers a voyeuristic access to the bedrooms of women across Los Angeles, staged as a photo shoot that further explores the male gaze.
10/5/2017-10/21/2017 - next performance date: 10/5/2017
The classic story of ambition and murder is updated to the 20th Century and given a twist in this out door presentation.
10/5/2017-10/7/2017 - next performance date: 10/5/2017
Highland Park Independent Film Festival (HPIFF), the grassroots Northeast Los Angeles based film festival announced their program line up for the 4th Annual Festival edition. The HPIFF showcase includes 1 Narrative Feature, 4 Documentary Features, 33 Narrative Shorts, and 4 Documentary Shorts. These 42 films include an unprecedented 6 World Premieres and 4 Los Angeles Premieres.
10/7/2017-10/7/2017 - next performance date: 10/7/2017
The fifth annual 'Broadway Under the Stars' event is a one-night-only concert starring (in alphabetical order) Carole J. Bufford, David Burnham, and Chris Mann, with additional performers to be announced. Hosted by 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' favorite Trixie Mattel and directed by Kay Cole.
10/7/2017-11/4/2017 - next performance date: 10/7/2017
The company and creative team behind the critically acclaimed "Punch and Judy" and "The Faggot King or The Troublesome Reign and Lamentable Death of Edward the Second" present "The Final Girl," an original 80s slasher-horror play guaranteed to heighten the enjoyment of the Halloween season.
10/8/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 10/8/2017
Greenway Arts Alliance Kicks off its 20th Anniversary with an all-day Community Festival on Sunday, October 8th 2017 at the World Famous Melrose Trading Post on the campus of Fairfax High School.
10/8/2017-11/18/2017 - next performance date: 10/8/2017
A Noise Within Theatre Company presents George Bernard Shaw's Mrs. Warren's Profession live on stage!
10/8/2017-10/8/2017 - next performance date: 10/8/2017
Themes of home and identity are reflected throughout this tale of the Great Migration, a 60-year span in which 6 million African-Americans left the South. Amie Cota and Christopher Bordenave use original song and movement to chart one man’s journey, in which hope served as a guiding force to navigate a divided country.
10/9/2017-10/9/2017 - next performance date: 10/9/2017
Writer Sylvan Oswald makes his Los Angeles performance debut with an live adaptation of his new book, High Winds—a collaboration with graphic designer Jessica Fleischmann—about a trans man whose insomnia sparks a fantastical search for his estranged half-brother through hallucinatory desert landscapes.
10/10/2017-10/10/2017 - next performance date: 10/10/2017
Austin-based composer Graham Reynolds leads a rousing experimental chamber opera that pays tribute to a revolutionary figure, and sonically traverses both Mexican and American perspectives to create a borderless dialogue about the shared histories of Mexico and the United States. Co-presented by the Skirball Cultural Center.
10/11/2017-10/11/2017 - next performance date: 10/11/2017
Curated by host Gina Young, SORORITY is a wild, high-minded performance party centered on the work of women, trans and queer performers. SORORITY features experimental works-in-progress, script-in-hand readings, theatrical situations and vulnerable solo work.
10/11/2017-10/14/2017 - next performance date: 10/11/2017
Questioning contemporary dance’s predisposition towards neutrality, authenticity and the de-sexualization of the female body, ANTHEM embraces theatricality, virtuosity and sass. The work weaves together existing and imagined vernacular dance styles to explore labor, play, and feminine-posturing.
10/11/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/11/2017
From Grammy® winners Steve Martin and Edie Brickell comes Bright Star, the new Broadway musical that brings a fresh breeze to the spring theater season (Charles Isherwood, The New York Times).
10/12/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 10/12/2017
In a work that resists the conventions of both dance and theater, director Tamara Cubas and her cast of four women excavate the elusive history of La Brisa, an infamous bar in Ciudad Juárez that served as a haven of cultural resistance and fierce activism in the 1990s. La Brisa is presented in Spanish with English supertitles.
10/12/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 10/12/2017
Created by Mexico City based ensemble Pentimento, PLAY is an interactive audio-guided performance that invites 10 audience members into a playfully accelerated process of actor training. In just eight brief lessons PLAY asks: Can an untrained viewer be transformed into a prepared actor in a mere 45 minutes?
10/13/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 10/13/2017
Through a synthesis of ancient AfroFuturistic soundscapes, video projection and kinetic poetics, ELECTROGYNOUS circulates speculative realities that counter historically imposed notions of femininity and masculinity, while placing liberated Black bodies at the center of the works “now.”
10/13/2017-11/5/2017 - next performance date: 10/13/2017
ShoWorks Entertainment presents Don Margulies’ “Collected Stories”, directed by Christine Dunford, starring Susan Fisher and Gretchen Goode. This provocative, taut two-character play is about a renowned short story writer who mentors graduate students.
10/13/2017-10/28/2017 - next performance date: 10/13/2017
Force of Nature brings the next chapter of their anthology theatrical haunt experience with "Fallen Saints: Dia de Los Muertos."
10/13/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/13/2017
In 1963, a Black sorority comes under scrutiny after a prospective new member meets with a violent mishap.
10/13/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/13/2017
Turn Me Loose is a new comedic drama about the extraordinary and explosive life of Dick Gregory - starring Tony Winner and Scandal star Joe Morton - that shines a light on the first black comedian to expose white audiences to racial comedy.
10/14/2017-10/21/2017 - next performance date: 10/14/2017
Neil LaBute’s first published work, BASH is the story of ordinary people hiding a monstrous secret. This trio of unforgettable personal accounts resulted in LabBute’s excommunication from the Mormon Church.
10/14/2017-10/14/2017 - next performance date: 10/14/2017
L.A.’s celebrated theater ensemble previews a new work of documentary theater that delves into 16 hours of the Group’s actual transcribed therapy with a licensed professional in an uncensored—sometimes funny, sometimes poignant—work of live art.
10/15/2017-10/15/2017 - next performance date: 10/15/2017
The Experts in Mystery Entertainment are now performing live public and private interactive murder mystery dinner shows in Los Angeles and surrounding areas throughout California. Join us for a night of intrigue, deception, and delicious food in this comedic thriller!
10/18/2017-11/5/2017 - next performance date: 10/18/2017
Produced to great acclaim by the Negro Ensemble Company, Samm-Art Williams’ brilliantly inventive, lyrically expressive play deals joyfully with the coming of age of a young black man from rural North Carolina. Tony and Drama Desk Award nominations for Best Play.
10/19/2017-12/17/2017 - next performance date: 10/19/2017
A couple leaves New York for the Midwest, then Hollywood, in search of happiness.
10/19/2017-10/22/2017 - next performance date: 10/19/2017
Devised Works/Student Dance Concert Students create a program of original performance pieces based around a single theme. The pieces may be plays, spoken word, or visually oriented performances. Included are student choreographed dance pieces selected for the American College Dance Festival in January.
10/20/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/20/2017
Two new plays offer radically different takes on the search for redemption when IAMA Theatre Company opens its 10th Anniversary Season with two company member-written world premieres. "Sinner's Laundry" a fast-paced, edgy sci-fi comedy and "Redline" a haunting journey toward redemption.
10/20/2017-11/13/2017 - next performance date: 10/20/2017
Company of Angels, Los Angeles’ Oldest Professional Theater, Debuts: 'This Land' by Mexican-American Playwright Evangeline Ordaz A deep, painful, joyful story about one extended California family with roots in different parts of the world, who make their home on the same plot of Southern California land over 150 years.
10/20/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/20/2017
Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic is a visually breathtaking cinematic shadow play for all ages.
10/20/2017-12/2/2017 - next performance date: 10/20/2017
“a feminine ending," by Sarah Treem, is a gentle, bittersweet comedy about a girl who knows what she wants, but not quite how to get it. Her parents are getting divorced, her fiancé is almost famous, her first love reappears, and there's a lot of noise in her head, but none of it is music. Until the end.
8/12/2017-11/18/2017 - next performance date: 10/21/2017
Fasten your seat belt, Padre. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” An unnamed, middle-aged Los Angeles actress, at a crisis point in her life, confesses her sins to an unseen priest in L.A. Woman – The Confession, a one-woman drama being read at Beyond Baroque in Venice. The story of a struggling woman, recounting her childhood and career, builds to an explosive revelation — her “really big sin.”
10/21/2017-10/29/2017 - next performance date: 10/21/2017
Two sisters get into a huge fight on the phone not really, but yeah. A new play performed simultaneously in Philadelphia and Los Angeles
10/22/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/22/2017
Naked In Alaska is an autobiographical award-winning solo show told with a rockin’ 90s playlist, live pole dancing, and over a dozen characters played by Valerie Hager herself, “Naked In Alaska” is an “unflinching… funny, fierce, and physically impressive solo show.” (Edinburgh Spotlight)
10/26/2017-11/4/2017 - next performance date: 10/26/2017
A musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.
10/26/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/26/2017
Film icon Danny Glover and Emmy winner June Angela star in this examination of the troubled marriage of an aging Black former soldier and his Japanese wife.
10/27/2017-11/19/2017 - next performance date: 10/27/2017
Marie Curie, the brilliant scientist, is also revealed as a passionate woman.
10/28/2017-10/28/2017 - next performance date: 10/28/2017
Amazing Prizes! Open Bar! Catered Food! Astounding Fun! The Group Rep is holding their 5th Annual Poker Tournament Fundraiser, Saturday, October 28th, 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, to raise money to continue to offer quality theatre to patrons. Doors open 3:00 pm with catered food and Open Bar available, WLA Poker tutorial 3:30 pm, and games begin 4:00 pm.
11/5/2017-11/26/2017 - next performance date: 11/5/2017
Broadway World’s Don Grigware hails it as “A Pulsating Musical Journey with Astounding Barbara Minkus, a dynamically talented singer/actress who commands the stage. Her incredible light shines brightly at every moment. She may not think she's famous, but she will live on in our hearts....and that's about as famous as one could wish to be.”
11/10/2017-12/16/2017 - next performance date: 11/10/2017
by Cricket Daniel Can the Christmas spirit be restored after being stranded in the airport, opens November 10
11/11/2017-12/16/2017 - next performance date: 11/11/2017
A Winter's Tale is a lively musical adaptation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol which showcases both the humor and pathos of the classic 1843 story of spiritual renewal and redemption. The show uses a variety of musical theatre styles--pop, rock, calypso, Irish jig, and standard--to recreate the beloved tale that has become a holiday favorite for children and adults. 
11/15/2017-12/31/2017 - next performance date: 11/15/2017
Broadway’s big, fat Roman musical!
11/21/2017-12/31/2017 - next performance date: 11/21/2017
Welcome to the ‘90s—the 1590s—long before the dawn of premium tickets, star casting, and reminders to turn off your cell phones. Brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom (Tony® nominee Rob McClure and Broadway’s Josh Grisetti) are desperate to write a hit play but are stuck in the shadow of that Renaissance rock star known as “The Bard” (Tony nominee Adam Pascal).
11/24/2017-11/26/2017 - next performance date: 11/24/2017
West Side Story Walt Disney Concert Hall Friday, November 24th at 8PM Sunday, November 26th at 2PM Artists Los Angeles Philharmonic David Newman, conductor
11/25/2017-11/25/2017 - next performance date: 11/25/2017
In this brand new all-ages rock musical, the beloved Grimm Brothers tale is brought to life with a rock and roll score by Grammy-nominated songwriter Justin Roberts and set amidst an animated wonderland inspired by the whimsy of Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl. This sparkling fable is wicked fun for the whole family!
11/28/2017-12/17/2017 - next performance date: 11/28/2017
A classic tale goes rogue in Vesturport’s bold new twist on the world’s most infamous outlaw.
12/1/2017-12/23/2017 - next performance date: 12/1/2017
A Noise Within Theatre Company presents Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol live on stage!
12/14/2017-12/15/2017 - next performance date: 12/14/2017
Standing at the Water's Edge Cristina Mittermeier, marine biologist/photographer
1/10/2018-3/31/2018 - next performance date: 1/10/2018
From the producer of The Lion King comes the timeless story of Disney's ALADDIN, a thrilling new production filled with unforgettable beauty, magic, comedy and breathtaking spectacle. It’s an extraordinary theatrical event where one lamp and three wishes make the possibilities infinite.
1/13/2018-1/13/2018 - next performance date: 1/13/2018
A high-energy, musical sketch comedy show performed at standing microphones in the Lovelace Studio Theater that is equal parts Monty Python, Schoolhouse Rock and A Prairie Home Companion.
1/31/2018-3/4/2018 - next performance date: 1/31/2018
Edward Albee’s poignant work about his friend, one of the most singular sculptors of the 20th century
1/31/2018-3/11/2018 - next performance date: 1/31/2018
A janitor. A software mogul. A college grad. An IRS paper-pusher. Although they live thousands of miles apart, these four people share a secret: they’re recovering addicts who have found a safe haven in an online chat room. There, with liberal doses of jokes and bullying, they help each other navigate the broken terrain of their lives. But when an Iraq War veteran’s tragedy spills...
2/4/2018-4/6/2018 - next performance date: 2/4/2018
The dogs of war are unleashed and a charismatic Warrior King emerges in Shakespeare’s breathtaking depiction of the Battle of Agincourt. But the events before and after the decisive victory temper the fervor of nationalism—and paint a nuanced portrait of the introspective Henry, who learns that the attributes that make an inspirational leader often come in conflict with those that make a good man.
2/8/2018-2/11/2018 - next performance date: 2/8/2018
Seven-year-old orphan Pip’s encounter with an escaped convict begins a series of events that will change his life forever.
2/14/2018-3/29/2018 - next performance date: 2/14/2018
After last season’s sold-out engagement with Audra McDonald, Sirius XM Radio star Seth Rudetsky returns to the Bram Goldsmith Theater with other musical theater luminaries to host more intoxicating concerts for Broadway @ The Wallis.
2/22/2018-3/11/2018 - next performance date: 2/22/2018
Hailed as an icon of style, grace and strength, famous for her allure and piercing sensuality, much has been written and said about America’s most popular First Lady—although the one detail usually omitted is that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was human.
2/23/2018-3/11/2018 - next performance date: 2/23/2018
Partners in life and on canvas, Marc and Bella Chagall are immortalized as having one of the most romantic marriages of the 20th Century.The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk traces the young couple as they navigate the Pogroms, the Russian Revolution and each other
2/25/2018-4/8/2018 - next performance date: 2/25/2018
An unexpected windfall offers a life-changing option for the Youngers, an African-American family living in a cramped South Side Chicago apartment. Competing visions and high stakes threaten to tear apart a family already facing pre-civil rights America. Lorraine Hansberry’s seminal work (“A play that changed American theatre forever”—New York Times) remains a resonant story of hope, inspiration,
3/7/2018-3/7/2018 - next performance date: 3/7/2018
Sponsored by Ellen and Doug Weitman Tony Nominee Jarrod Spector has graced the Broadway stage for six years as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys and for three years as Barry Mann in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, but the journey began years before.
3/15/2018-3/16/2018 - next performance date: 3/15/2018
Between River and Rim: Hiking the Grand Canyon Pete McBride, photographer/filmmaker Kevin Fedarko, writer
3/21/2018-4/22/2018 - next performance date: 3/21/2018
Neil Simon’s “love letter” to his early career as a TV writer
4/3/2018-4/22/2018 - next performance date: 4/3/2018
The ultimate love story continues in LOVE NEVER DIES, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s spellbinding sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. This story of boundless love, full of passion and drama, follows one of the most successful musicals of all time, which has now been seen by more than 130 million people worldwide and is the winner of over 50 international awards.
4/17/2018-4/17/2018 - next performance date: 4/17/2018
In 2003, the animated French feature The Triplets of Belleville swept the globe, along with its Oscar-nominated score by Benoit Charest, which grabbed audiences by the ears and dragged them into the streets of 1920s Paris and Le Jazz Hot.
4/18/2018-4/18/2018 - next performance date: 4/18/2018
An Evening with Patricia Ward Kelly
4/21/2018-5/20/2018 - next performance date: 4/21/2018
ANW’s most requested production is back: Your favorite Resident Artists, along with some new faces, are ready to rein in the chaos of this joyfully out-of-control British farce about the auspiciously titled play-within-a-play Nothing On. Step behind the curtain and meet the under-rehearsed and over-worked cast and crew with a penchant for drama more personal than professional. As the production pr
4/22/2018-4/22/2018 - next performance date: 4/22/2018
Can Jon Wee and Owen Morse save the world through laughter and dangerous stunts? Finalists on America’s Got Talent, The Passing Zone has been wowing audiences for decades with their award-winning combination of comedy, dexterity, danger, and hilarity.
4/27/2018-5/20/2018 - next performance date: 4/27/2018
The soul of the blues wails out full and strong in Blues in the Night, the scorching, Tony and Olivier Award-nominated musical.
5/3/2018-5/27/2018 - next performance date: 5/3/2018
Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man who brought rock and romance to Broadway, is back with a new heart-stirring hit. SCHOOL OF ROCK is a New York Times Critics’ Pick and “AN INSPIRING JOLT OF ENERGY, JOY AND MAD SKILLZ!” (Entertainment Weekly).
5/12/2018-6/24/2018 - next performance date: 5/12/2018
Rogue Artist Ensemble's delightfully macabre take on The Adventures of Pinocchio
5/29/2018-6/17/2018 - next performance date: 5/29/2018
THE COLOR PURPLE is the 2016 Tony Award® winner for Best Musical Revival! Hailed as “a direct hit to the heart” (The Hollywood Reporter), this joyous American classic, directed by Tony winner John Doyle, has conquered Broadway in an all-new “ravishingly reconceived production that is a glory to behold” (The New York Times).
7/6/2018-7/29/2018 - next performance date: 7/6/2018
ON YOUR FEET! is the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent—and each other—to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan.
7/26/2018-8/12/2018 - next performance date: 7/26/2018
Hershey Felder, a Steinway artist, returns to The Wallis, bringing Ludwig van Beethoven to life through the eyes of a Viennese doctor who spent his boyhood by the Maestro’s side.
8/2/2018-8/26/2018 - next performance date: 8/2/2018
Brought to life by a groundbreaking all-female creative team, this irresistible new hit features original music and lyrics by 6-time Grammy® nominee Sara Bareilles ("Brave," "Love Song"), a book by acclaimed screenwriter Jessie Nelson (I Am Sam) and direction by Tony Award® winner Diane Paulus (Pippin, Finding Neverland)."It's an empowering musical of the highest order!" raves the Chicago Tribune.